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Upstream/Downstream limitations


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Hi again people

I take it everyone browsing these forums are somewhat from over the entire world. So we all have different ISP's. Different ISP's grant different services. Where I live, ISP's grant you a max of 15GB download and 10% upload(based on your download) => 1.5GB.

This is quite problematic, cause if I'd want even atleast an acceptable number of upstream I'd have to pay an enormous amount of money for downstream since its 10%

So I can perfectly download things with the P2P network but I really feel that I'm not contributing since I just can't. Yesterday I uploaded 650Mb and I'm already halfway through.

How do you guys do it? Do you just have more upstream or do you have the same problem, right now I kind of feel that I'm taking advantage though it's really not the way I'd want it.

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I think almost everyone has a problem with the asymmetrical connections

I have 1536/384 so it usually takes about three times longer to upload the complete file vs downloading it.

Thank goodness I dont have an upload cap like you do, that really sucks :angry:

My advice for you is to use public trackers since you dont have to maintain a up/down ratio.

Also dont worry wasting your 1.5 GB upload cap on files that are already well seeded those you can go ahead and stop early.

If you download a rare torrent though you should try to upload the complete file, just leave it running after it finishes downloading until you get to 1.0 up/down ratio.

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