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Speed : Listen Port and simultaneous download tasks


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Hello !!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this topic and help me...

I wanted to increase my speed so I read the Howto guide related to this topic. Now I have to questions :

- How could I get the appropriate Listen Port ? I know it should be a number in the range 49152 to 65535 but is there any tips to be sure that the one I chose is better than another ?

- Why should I have a Max Simultaneous Download Tasks in the range of 1-5 ? It seems to me that as I'm downloading about 40 files, I can't download the 37 others until the firsts are completly downloaded. If I type in 40, I'm sure that the other files are still downloading even if the three files are not downloading correctly. So, to download 40 files, it's faster to have a Max simultaneous download tasks equal to 40. Am I wrong ?

Thank you very much for your replies !!!


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The port number really doesnt matter. Just pick any one in that range, 62420 for example

The max simultaneous download tasks depends on your connection.

If you have tons of tasks running that is going to add to the amount of overhead that is required. This will cause your speeds to decrease. Also if you have tons of tasks running then your upload bandwidth for each task will be really low, this will directly affect your download speed because the way bittorrent works is it rewards the fastest uploaders with the fastest downloads.

Go ahead and try it for a day or two. Set the simultaneous download tasks to 40 and run Bitcomet for exactly 10 hours overnight. Then look at the total amount of data that was transfered during those 10 hours (both upload and download)

Then the next night set the simultaneous download tasks at 4 and do the same thing.

You should see that more data will get transfered this way.

(This isnt a very accurate test but it should work)

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