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Column sort order for secondary windows


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On BitComet you have one main window, and a bottom window with a seven-branch tree (Summary, Trackers, Files, Peers, Chat, Logs, Statistics).

With the main window, no problem.

As with the bottom additional window, you cannot change the column sorting order: items are always displayed according to the 1st column value. I want to be able to do the same thing as with the main window; I want to be able to click on column 2 or 5 or 13 to change the displayed order of the items.

Check the screen-capture.


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Yes, would be nice. Also would be nice to click several columns in sequence to have sorts within sorts. If you are only showing 100 or perhaps 400 peers and want to see uploads sorted largest first within client type, you should get your selections from within all 400. With some numbers dancing about so much, perhaps an update rate limit or even a frozen snapshot capability would make sense while probing through whatever is happening.

Sorts within sorts should be an option, as it would drive folks not wanting it nuts.

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