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im dling a season of 40 min episodes, so of course its taking a while. for some reason the applet thought it was better to focus the least on the first episode and 2 days later the first episodes in the 80s and the rest are in mid 90s % down. so i hit properties and temporarily uncheck all episodes beside 1 so it can focus on epi 1 and get that down first. after it finishes epi 1 all the other episodes are magically at 0% again. lol? so i just re check them all and it starts all over. 2 or 3 days later it finishes so i try to watch episode 2, find out all the files are broken now. its obviously not the torrent because epi 1 worked fine and there is a ton of seeders. anyways... whoever wrote this prog is obviously retarded, anyone have any recommendations for a different torrent prog?

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