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Browsing problems when BitComet is active

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I like BitComet and the features, especially the disk caching

technology is very usefull with my 16 MBit connection.

But there is a very annoying effect when BitComet is running.

I cannot surfe the web without permanent website loading

problems (cannot display the webpage).

I always have to press reload and wait and wait until the

page loads. Sometimes it works for some minutes without

these reloading action stuff but I defenitely notice that it

has something todo with BitComet.

Could it be that BitComet opens to much connection or

whatever (I dunno whats going on inside Bitcomet ^^)

so that my browsers (Firefox or IE7) always have problems

to get a page loaded when BC is running ?

I already tried to limit max parallel TCP/IP connections

to 5 instead of 10 (10 is maximum in XP-antispy) but

that did not really help.

My System :

- Windows XP Prof SP2 (all updates)

- 768 MB RAM

- 1,9 GHz CPU

- 16 MBit/s connection

- Arcor WLAN Modem 200 (High-end Router)

- Norton Internet Security 2004 (where Bitcomet has full internet connection rights)

- Microsoft Windows Defender (additional anti-spyware software)

Thanks for any help on this, it's really annoying =(

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You probably need to set an upload cap.

Read through the Bitcomet Settings Help in my sig, I explain how to figure out your upload cap.

Oh and make sure your running the latest, bitcomet v0.68

I already have set the upload capacity to 50 kb/s which is half of my

available upload capacity. I just disabled DHT and now surfing the web

works again.

So should DHT be the reason for my browsing trouble ? :blink:

It seems so...

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Yep, apparently your router isnt so high-end since it cant handle all the UDP traffic of the DHT Network.

see here

At least your router doesnt lock-up or reset like many others do.

Besides the suggestions in the link, see whether there is a setting in your router that affects UDP traffic. Maybe your router is scanning every single UDP packet which is causing the slowdown.

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  • 1 year later...

I have same problem about slow my internet. Is BitComet using too much UDP to broadcast ?

Is BitComet using all resources that possibility to connect the Source ?

I still get it to my assume. I wonder to know it.

Thank you.

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