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DHT Problem, windows xp sp2

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Hi, i have the same problem as someone here, but i have different router and modem, so perhaps its something to do with them? Here is the info:

1.7 Ghz AMD


Windows XP, Sp2, firewall on, with Bitcomet permission set to ON

Westell 6100 DSL Modem (yes, i know this is crap, but what can i do - Verizon wount gime anything else :( )

DLINK I604 Router, with Port Forwarding enabled (ports, which Bitcomet uses to listen). DLink has LATEST firmware update, juss did it yesterday.

Nod32 Antivirus Solution

Bitcomet 7 - da latest.

I also play Halo on this system, and it works jusst fine (it also needs my router to use port forwarding in order to play online). So i dont get it - why this stupid DHT dont work? Could that be because both of them - Dlink and Westell have routing capabilities and have a conflict?


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The Dlink and the Westell will work fine together as long as you set them both up right.

There are a couple ways to do it

Let me point you to this guide which shows how to do it where the dlink will be doing everything PPPoE, NAT, DHCP and the modem just translates the Ethernet frames

Another way is to have the Westell do the PPPoE and then passthrough its public IP to the Dlink which handles the NAT and DHCP

I think the first way is easier so check out that guide.

Now in the Dlink make sure that you have Gaming Mode enabled

It is also possible that NOD32 has some setting you need to change that will allow the DHT UDP packets to/from Bitcomet

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