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BitCometBeta 20060826 Released


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BitCometBeta can be found at this page:


BitCometBeta ChangeLog



Add Open BCTP link dialog

Add Task Link page in task properties dialog

Add Half-Open TCPIP connection limitatiom modafication for Windows XP SP2, in Preferences dialog


Improved BitComet Passport transfer protocol


Improved BitComet Passport transfer protocol


Fix some crash problem in BT download


Add download speed limit

Fix some crash problem in FTP download

Fix some crash problem in HTTP download


Remove Pause button

Fix some crash problem in HTTP download


Fix some crash problem in HTTP download


Add HTTP download function with multi connections for each file

Task only can be set catlog after download finish

Fix the bug that private tag in torrent file does not work


Add passport info view in main window

Improve crash report


Improve the upload strategy

Fix the bug that HTTP protocol processing may cause crash

May fix the "Out of memory" error


Fix the bug that the file progress can not update

Fix the bug that the connection limit per task do not work

Crash Report can capture "Out of memory" error


Fix the bug that only few peers is connected


Fix the memory management bug that may cause memory leak

Fix the bug that the files selection download does not work


Fix a compile bug that may cause crash


Add option to auto stop after task finished

Fix UDP Tracker can not be connected

Fix HTTP Tracker redirect do not work

Beta version can only run on Windows 2000/XP


Add preview

Improve upload strategy.

Install to BitComet directory, can work with release version.


Fix the crash when click OK in the Setting Dialog.


Rewrite core code. Some functions are disabled temporarily.

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BitCometBeta ChangeLog




Add Half-Open TCPIP connection limitatiom modafication for Windows XP SP2, in Preferences dialog

What specifically is the change? Is it the TcpNumConnections registry entry described among other places:



That will not change the maximum rate (number per second) of half-open tcpip traffic imposed by XP SP2 tcpip.sys, which is usually the cause for the EventID 4226 in the XP system log. The only way I know of to change the rate of outbound half-open tcpip traffic is to edit tcpip.sys with a hex editor. (tcpip.sys is a system managed, or protected, file and it will automatically be changed back if you try to modify it unless windows file protection is turned off.)

There's a big difference between maximum number and maximum rate, and unless people manually edit tcpip.sys, which I do not recommend, I think this change may mislead people into believing the problem imposed by XP SP2 has been solved, when it has not.

That's just me.

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Wow! You are actually modifying the system file.

You are very bold. I'm not sure your courage is warranted, but that's an appropriate use issue. One school of thought would be it's ok if you can get away with it. Another might object to the wanton carelessness this method is likely to cause by unknowing users. I find it questionable and I'm definately not going to use that method. You'll have to deal with it--not only support, but also the effect this has on the character and nature of BitComet. Overriding Windows File Protection to modify system files is serious business, and some people may be hurt and unhappy.

I would suggest at least disabling that method until the user has been warned that what they are doing could seriously affect their system stability and accepts responsibility. Otherwise, you're assuming way too much competence on the part of the user.

The risk is that Microsoft may update tcpip.sys, like they did somewhere around June 22, 2006 in a regular windows update that most people have configured to run automatically, and following that a user unknowingly runs the BitComet tcpip.sys modification method to edit a new tcpip.sys based on offset values from the old tcpip.sys, networking could be lost and most people would lose alot of time and/or money fixing things.

Good luck!

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