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Power Loss while BC Running


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Hi, I'm new Here, first post, been using BC for about a week and a half. I Switched from Bit Torrent (official?) when I downloaded their most recent upgrades, and it killed my downloading and uploading speeds.

So Here is my Problem. I was running BC on my computer when my Power failed. So of course It was up and downloading, and it was a hard stop. When I restarted my computer... BC Wouldn't start. It would open, and then if I tried to do anything it was stuck. The Lovely Old Not responding came up in the Alt Ctrl Del window.

SO I was stumped. I Scanned the hard drives, to see if there was damage, or if files were lost (which I have had before). So after Chkdsk on the hard disks, nothing was wrong. So I restarted, and still, Not Responding. Did this three times.

Then the last time I just left it alone, and came back to it about an hour later. It was working again. No Idea how or why.

I do have a guess. My Guess is that since BC runs a file to monitor the status of the torrents, and probably writes that when the file closes normally, it didn;t have a chance to run it before it was halted. So I Guess that BC was just updating the file status before starting to reconnect, and windows didn;t realize it, and decided it was not responding.

I'm only posting this because I searched here for 45 minutes, using variants of the words POwer, Outage, and startup, as well as crash. None of those gave me anything relating to my problem. Hopefully if another noob comes along, like me, and has this problem, now there will be a place to look.

If anyone has the real reason this worked, I would be most appreciative to know why.


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