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0.71: No IP banning, no per task up/download rate


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I observed that V 0.71

- Does not allow to set an individual per task upload and download max.- rate as 0.70 does. The options are simply missing under properties.

- I can try to rightclick ban an IP but it doesnt get banned somehow

I am not sure if its intentional or a bug, but please fix it. These two points are part of the reason why I use bitcomet and not ytorrent, whose team refuses to implement things like this for their own stubborness (rate limits/bans are bad -> heck no! its what I make with it thats bad or not).

But a matter of fact is that open torrents are overleached sometimes as closed torrents are sometimes overseeded. Both has its own problems and the overleached problem can be somewhat countered with a finetuned upload limit and banning pure leacher IPs. As a result I often get around 80-90% of the DL rate that I am offering compared to the upload rate. Which is way better then the <50% you often get when you leave it alone with unlimited upload/no banning. So please fix the bugs/reimplement it. I have for the meantime reverted to bitcomet 0.70.

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