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too many bugs and (bad) changes in 0.71


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yeah, too many bugs and not-so-good changes. I surprised this happens in bitcomet since is a high quality BT software.

First, as someone mentioned, the upload speed is out of control. I set mine to 20K, but it will use all the way to 60K anyway(my max upload speed), sometime the number even go wild, like 100K, which is not a true speed.

And, when I see the release note, "GUI Improved: remove task pause, resume operation". I am wondering, how is this an improvement??? I love the pause function, keep the connections but stop the traffic for a moment. PLEASE GET PAUSE FUNCTION BACK!!!

"Core change: Chat, Proxy, NAT Traversal via UDP, IP block rules is removed temporarily"

Why is IP block rules removed? It's also one of the function I love.

And I also don't know what is the "information" page for, I see nothing there.

Well, even the .70 now I downgraded use a lot of process power in when starting up(the program goes "half freeze"), as well as when I am downloading alot of item (like 10+) for no reason, I am going to stick with it. I discover that 0.71 don't have this problem, and this is the only part I like about 0.71. But, as I said, since it got too many bugs and bad changes, I have to stick with .70 until the publisher at least fixed the upload speed control and hopefully get the pause function back.

Just some suggestions.

long time Bitcomet user

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seems like .71 is a step back... removing the upload per torrent settings and removing ip blocking are total deal breaker for me

ill be going back to .70 all around I am disapointed with bitcomet lately I try a torrent on it i get like 1kbs i try the same on a different torrent program it works 100kbs+

didn't used to be like this before

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