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This is my problem:

Today I started the day as usual with downloading torrents with Bitlord. I decided to search for how to speed up the torrents since they were only going 18kbs tops. I followed direction with Portforward.com and off the D-Link Website.

(Router = D-Link DI-524 (Set D))

I changed some of my router's settings but it didn't speed up Bitlord. I then found out that Bitcomet is the same thing but better. I downloaded BitComet and copied the incomplete torrents (In BC! form) to the Bitcomet Download folder and opened the Torrents from Bitlord into Bitcomet. These torrents had at least 80 seeders in Bitlord. I also installed Utorrent and tried the same thing.

Both of the Clients didn't work after I uninstalled Bitlord (Even before I did). I then removed and change the settings of the router back to the origional settings. I then downloaded some new torrents that had over 1000 seeders. It didn't work in either of them.

Please help me. For some reason Bitcomet won't find the seeders and starts up but stays in the blue arrows that point in opposite Directions.

I have PC Tool's Spyware Doctor, and a legally bought version of Norton Antivirus and Protection (2006).

I also have my firewall down and my settings back to normal the best I can.

Can someone help me out or give me a step by step way (Not "stupid" step by step) on what settings I should be at or change.

Thanks ahead.


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If you just downloaded BC, there is a chance you got the now growing infamous version 0.71.

If so, don't even waste any time trying to describe any problems, but instead download 0.70, and (without the other running...) just install 0.70 and it will nicely replace the one you DO NOT WANT.

Then welcome to BC, as it is a GREAT BT client.

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