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I moved an incomplete download to another directory to back up my pc. I accidently started BitComet and it of course tried to redownload it starting from 0%

Is there anyway I can get it to resume the incomplete file back to its percentage where it was before I moved it?

Im guessing editing the files xml file? But I have no experience in it. Also, for some reason BC had allocated its full size even though it is set not to in settings?

Should it matter, I use Vserion 0.57

Thank you


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well i had this problem yesterday and here is how i fixed it....sort of, i still may have an issue!

-stop and remove the TASK from bitcomet.

-do not remove the files from download folder! leave them as is

-find the torrent link again and click to download as usual

-when accepting to open the torrent with bitcomet you will see a window, and the drop down menu should automaticlly say resume as the selected option. if not, change it to resume

-bitcomet should automatically hash check, to see what you got already and continue.

-if it does not, there may be a problem with corruption or connection

heres my issue

i did all that for "x-men all seasons" size 10.32GB

i had to resume it. it reconnected, hash checked and worked well

i left it over night to download as usual

i checked it the next morning and file size is now like 9.30GB, so almost done! i think?

but my percent says 28.1% downloaded.......???

so i stop the task. manually hash checked it, and it went beyond 100% then went back to 28.1%

but that percent is also increasing, and no rubbish data

perhaps i'll let the file finish and see what happens!

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Shot! Cheers for that.

Im not sure what could have caused your problem, but yea sounds to be corrupt to me.

You'll see when its complete I guess.


and its now saying under status colum, downloading...error

but it is continuing to download...

oh well

still have to wait to see!

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