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ok well il do my best to explain my circumstances.

i have switched from azureus to bitcomet because of azureus' NAT error problem wich i refuse to assign a static ip for my router to port foward as it affect to many people on my network. anyways im using bitcomest solely to download Naruto episodes. i have the first 50 in two torrents downloading now, 4.25Gigs each. the tranfer speeds are pretty slow, but faster then azureus thankfuly. my problem i have encoutered, wich has happened twice now is i shut down bitcomet 2 nights ago as i began to download naruto torrents. one was on 0.6% and the other 0.2%. total downloaded was about 180Mbs. i left it on throughout the day to download and of course, let other upload off me whati had to offer. by the time i got back on the percentages were somthing like 11% and 10.4% and a whole lot of Mbs downloaded. so i shut down my computer and next morning, what do you know? all the data downloaded had been 'lost' the total downloaded was back to 180Mbs and percentages 0.6% and 0.2% again. strange? well i passed it off as a one off but the same thing has happened again. does bitcomet delete all the data if it is not shut down properly or just because? this is rather annoying as i could be doing other stuff on my computer rather then downloading like playing games. i would appretiate any help regarding this. a few specs on my computer may help.

a healthy 42Gigs remain on my largely used hard disk. wich is generaly defraged once a month. computer is reguarly sweeped by AVG antivirus, windows defender and ad-aware. plus internet explorer is furthur protected by all in one secretmaker. wich also deletes all tempory internet files and cookies after use.

i have plenty of ram, and fine processor that can both easily handle bitcomit and other apps. simotaniously.

anyway thanks for reading, will appretiate all help. thanks.

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You may lose the data that is in the cache but only if there is a major crash or power loss. If you just exit Bitcomet or shut your computer down there shouldnt be a problem. How big have you set the disc cache?

You should stop the torrents and then rightclick and select Manual Hash Check to see how much data you have actually downloaded.

If you can access the router you should set up a static IP in the router's LAN or DHCP settings. Dont worry about setting it in Windows just set it in the router then you never have to worry about others on your network getting assigned your static IP since the router has it reserved for your MAC address. Then do the portforwarding and your downloads will go a whole lot faster.

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