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BitComet locks up DSL Modem!


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My two computers are networking together through a Linsys wireless router. Computers will be locked up DSL Modem (but not router) if both are running "BitComet" in the same time. This happens randomly, it can be few minutes or hours. Computers can still communicate each other through the router, but neither computer cann't get to website. Once the modem is reset, then both computers are free to go online.

Does anyboby have the similar experience?

How to fix this problem?


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This could be a number of problems.

--Make sure that since your both using Bitcomet at the same time that you split the upload cap between computers(use 40% for each PC = 80% of total upload capacity).

--Also try to keep the total number of connections that Bitcomet makes to a minimum(set the max connections per task to at most 50 and only run about 2 tasks at a time).

--Now finally you need to look in your router and see if you can adjust the MTU. Since your using DSL im assuming that you connect to your ISP through PPPoE. In this case the MTU should be set to somewhere around 1472. It is probably set at 1492 which is too high for many ISPs and will cause your connection to be dropped.

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