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weird problem


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ok well if i start downloading a torrent and it connects and everything, if i stop it and close BC compleatly, my internet activity light on my router keeps flashing inidcating that there is still traffic going through. it slows my internet down alot and the only way i can get it to stop is if i unplug my router for about 3 hrs. i know its not just 1 torrent file because it happenes with every singe torrent file i download. it has been this way for a long time and i would really like it to stop. does anyone know whats wrong

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If you exit Bitcomet right away then the peers that you were connected to will continue to try to connect every so often since they didnt receive a proper notice that you were done, especially if you have an application based software firewall.

What you should do is stop all torrents before you exit Bitcomet for about 5 minutes. Get yourself a program called TCPview and you will be able to see all the people connected to you. Watch that after stopping the torrents and you will see that peers slowing stop connecting to you since you were able to communicate to them that you were done.

Also if your ISP assigns you a dynamic IP then just turn off your modem for 1 minute then turn it back on and the peers wont no where you are anymore. Instead they will try to connect to the poor guy who gets assigned your old dynamic IP. :P

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