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Some minor annoying things up to 0.70


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First of all thanx all of you developers for your work about a really kewl proggie!

Well, i've noticed these annoyances haven't been corrected so far (0.70 i use this), some practical but doesnt need much extra coding (i think :blink: )

- When hit OpenDir, folder opens in explorer with Folders sidebar. You should call an "open with default view" (depends on your dev editor) that isnt override sidebar view. (In BCB++ its like this: ShellExecute(Handle,"open",Path,NULL,NULL,SW_SHOWNORMAL)

- Torrent_name [blue_web_link] if you click on link it opens Internet Exploder but it sould open url with default browser (sorry, i'am not fan of IE), use open address instead of open with browser program "%1".

Dont forget Help menu's entries.

- (request) in Peer list's bottom (after -----) we may can select address (re)trying connect to in context menu, not just ban existing connections (excuse me if i misunderstood list's purpose or made bad config)

- (request) at Task Properties window the torrent file list's header should rearrange on click the content in alphabetic up & down and Size up & down etc. Or can you implement search box to find strings in filenames? With huge file list it is handy on selecting few files if it isnt sorted.

- cant find anywhere a Stop All button, but if you dont want exit but stop all you have to do it one by one.

- can you put a button in toolbar to "Shut down computer after .....") its hard to switch all the time over preferences dialog.

- in Files list can you put dropdown menu in Priority field to enable or disable instead of mix the option with priority context menu?

- (request) can you do something with Peers list's Status field's text? It's really weird to understand for a beginner what it wants to say.

So these are i've found can improve handyness, and sorry for my horrible English :huh:

I really love your client, and a fact its coded in c is rally :wub: to me, so keep up this good work :woot:!

Thanx, R4Z

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