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I see peers but no seeds --- depending upon computer??


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I'm noticing a strange thing happening between my home computer and work computer with BC 0.71.

On my home computer, when I load a torrent that I know has at least 20 seeds and say 50 or more peers, the torrent loads, finds the seeds and begins to download very well.

On my work computer, this used to be exactly the same. But starting yesterday, I could load the same exact torrent and although the torrent connected and could show all the peers, it did not show any seeds. Everything just says 0/0.

Now I know that at home I do NOT have my BitComet port forwarded (which I know can affect speeds) but I still don't have it forwarded. Still, things seem to work just fine (maybe because of the DHT network?).

At work, with our corporate firewall, there's no way to forward a port, but still the DHT network connects fine. And yet, the SEEDS are not ever found --- only the total peers.

I can't understand what would have changed all of a sudden that prevents my work copy of BC from not finding seeds. Could it be a configuration on my computer? I have virtually the same config at work as I do at home.


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