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NE1 Have issues w/cable service?


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I have been reading the FAQ's and helps for what to do to pick up the DL speed for my torrents. I am not sure if what is going on is coming from me, my firewall, or the cable service. I go thru Time Warner Cable and my hubby works for them. I have been reading up on how to increase my speed and I noticed that my firewall says something about blocking my listening port and my peers are, according to the FAQ's that I read if local, I am being blocked...BUT I mentioned this to my hubby who said that if the cable is aware of me pulling down from the internet like I am, I may be monitored...not sure what is going on, maybe just that my peers are not in tune w/what I want right now...anyway, I guess that I am becoming totally confused and I believe that going down to 0kb or under 10 is bit much, or in this case, not enough. Can NE1 help me please??



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