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How do I seed torrents downloaded with other clients?

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I have several large torrents I'd like to help distribute with BitComet without having to download them again.

I'm new to this so I don't know the right terminology but from what I understand there are two parts to a torrent: The little file you download to get the torrent started (I'll say "starter file"), then all the real files that you want (I'll say "data").

So, I have several GB-sized torrents that I got using the "official client" and now that I've installed BitComet I want to distribute ("seed"?) them using BitComet. I can open the starter files using BitComet, but BitComet doesn't see that I already have the whole torrent and instead tries to start the download again. Or, in one case, it says I have ~99% (rather than the 100% that the BitTorrent client reports) but it won't upload at all even though I know there's demand due to the immediate upload that will start if I use BitTorrent.

Also, all these torrents are sitting on my desktop and I'd like to move them onto another drive partition without them getting lost or the starter files disassociated from the data.

So, HOW DO I manually tell BitComet where the starter files are and where the data of the torrent is that I've already downloaded in part or in full? And (this may be a stretch) can I change the file names of the starter files and the folder names on the data?

Thanks in advance for any help clarifying what's possible and how to do it! :rolleyes:


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In bitcomet choose File -> Open torrent and open those torrents that you have.

Now when you open the torrents it shows the torrents properties dialog box.

Make sure that the location the torrent points to is where your actual files are located, then select Resume Task.

If it says 0% after this then maybe the location its pointing to is wrong or you might need to stop the torrent and rightclick select manual hash check.

Good luck :)

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