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0.72 some bugs?


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1. the upload setting seemsnot work? hmm... I've set and saved in preference, but you'll observe that individual session's upload over the value I've just saved.

2. UL/DL value differs from the program's tittlebar between the individual task:When I setting up a globe upload limit to 45KBs, the program's tittle bar seems going right(never over the value), but individual task may shows upload speed up to 100KB or more, and last for a not short time, usually over 3 mins.

3.GUI error?: In the statistic frame, you can see the Connection limits is setting up to 50(I've set it Auto), but the seed/peer column in task frame shows 10/110[18/2300], for example.

4.GUI error: when switching window from Transfer to Web then back to Transfer, the task list frame will scroll up, not stay in where I've leave.

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