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Slow BitComet 0.70


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I have searched and read topics related to the problem I have. I've also gone through setup guides, but nothing helped.

I've been using Bitcomet for the past 6 months. Never had problems (download/upload speeds ranging 100-200 KB/s). But in the past week, the download speed really slowed down. I now download at 2-3 Kb/s, and when BitComet is turned on, internet related programs and the whole computer slows down. In the processes window, BitComet appears as using 60,000K of memory.

I must mention that there is a router at the ISP, but didn't have problems with it (I set BitComet to use port 6348). Recently, my ISP has made some upgrades. Now, I have a dynamic IP address.

* OS: Windows XP Professional SP2 firewall disabled

* Internet connection type: LAN

* BitComet version: 0.70 (that's what it says in the "about" window. I wonder why it didn't automaticly update to 0.71. I've read that that version has some bugs, so I didn't update manually.

I've read on some other topic about testing the torrent from this site: http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/

Max download speed I got was 14 KB/s. I'm attaching a screenshot. At the top of the program it says that I was downloading with 14 KB/s and uploading with 5. But at the time I took the screen I was downloading with 9, and all the other torrnets were stopped.

If anybody could help me I'd really appreciate it...


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From the screenshot it appears that all the peers connected to you are Outgoing(Local) connections.

This will dramatically affect your speed if other peers arent able to make Inbound(Remote) connections.

You need to figure out if its possible for you to portforward Bitcomet's port through whatever router is between you and your public IP. If portforwarding is not possible then the best you can do is use the NAT Traversal feature of Bitcomet, try setting it so that it Always uses it.

Also change your port number to something that isnt so obviously a filesharing(Gnutella) port. Use a port in this range 50000 - 65000.

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A few days ago I disabled the Terminal Service from running in Windows, at an advice from someone because of another problem I was having. In the description of the service it says: "Allows multiple users to be connected interactively to a machine as well as the display of desktops and applications to remote computers. The underpinning of Remote Desktop (including RD for Administrators), Fast User Switching, Remote Assistance, and Terminal Server." Does this affect the BitTorrent protocol?

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Possibly(but unlikely), I have it set to Manual because it is required for multiple user accounts in XP.

Instead of disabling this service you should disable the ones that depend on it that you dont need.


Fast User Switching Compatibility

Remote Access Auto Connection Manager

Remote Access Connection Manager

Remote Desktop Help Session Manager

Secondary Logon

also make sure these are disabled:

Remote Registry

Routing and Remote Access

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