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G'Day mate!!


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Howdy all,

I usually don't have many problems using torrent files etc etc. BUT this one has me stumped.

Lately after downloading a file or two, once I the download has finished and I've seeded for a while, i highlight the torrent file then click on the "Remove" button.

Im am quiet sure that I always use the "Remove Task Only" (I may have accidently clicked on the "Remove Task and all Files" once or twice)

What I am wondering is, on a couple of occassions I have clicked on the "Remove Task Only", but then when I go to extract the file from the download file, it's not there. I have done several searches on my PC, but cannot find the files (including the Temp files)

Does anyone know where these downloads may end up and as to why a search would not find them??

If anyone could help out, it would be greatly appreciated.

"Sick of re-downloading files that go missing"


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