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Just wondering if anyone else is getting this BSOD while running BC. Anyone know what is causing it. It only happens when BC is on, I have temporarily switched clients and I no longer get the BSOD

And yes my indexing service is off, to anyone who looks up the error that is a common cause

winXP SP2

AMD Athlon 3800+ X2

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To further diagnose what exactly is causing your BSOD. Here is something you can try.

First rightclick on My Computer and goto properties

then goto the Advanced tab and hit Settings under Startup and Recovery

now uncheck the box to Automatically restart

Hit OK to make sure this change gets saved

This will keep your PC from rebooting so you can fully read the BSOD.

Now open up the command prompt; Start -> Run -> type cmd and hit enter

Now type this exactly to enabe the pool verifier:

Verifier /flags 9 /all

now you should restart your computer, you may notice it will take a little longer and things might run a little slower while this is enabled.

Go ahead and fire up Bitcomet.

This time when you get a BSOD it should give you more information as to what the cause is.

After you read it you will need to hold the power button down to turn off the computer.

Turn your PC on again and uninstall whatever is causing the problem or look for software updates for whatever is causing the problem.

After you fix whats causing the problem you will want to disable the verifier to speed things up again.

Go into the command prompt again and type this exactly to disable the pool verifier:

Verifier /reset

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Wow, Thanks bitdave. Amazing response. I'll set this up right away and let you know how it goes.

EDIT: ok I've done what you've said and now the computer doesn't even get into the Windows XP login Screen, Crashes on winXP flashscreen. It appears Bit Comet is not entirely to blame but is somehow tripping the real underlying problem which I'm not sure what it is. here is the stop message...

A Device driver attempting to corrupt the system has been caught. The faulty driver currently on the kernel stack must be replaced with a working version.

STOP 0x000000C4 (0x0000003B, 0x00000002, 0x892226b4, 0x00000000)

No idea what the numbers mean, but sounds like a bad driver somewhere. Hopefully not bad hardware. If it is a driver problem than a good format would fix the issue yes?

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Formatting your computer is unnecessary, just find out what is causing your problem.

Research all your hardware on google for a bad pool header

Maybe you have a network card or wireless card that needs a driver update

I used to get bad pool headers on my laptop and i found out the problem was my graphing calculator software had installed a serial port driver that windows xp didnt like. In my case i deleted that driver and just used USB for my calculator.

But if possible, try to find a driver update to fix your problem.

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