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Terribly download speed 13KB or less per sec

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I've downloaded some files already, but it takes too long for them to download. My max download speed i have gotten is 16kb/sec i think... Well that's acceptable, but when i get less than 1kb/sec i get really pissed off -.- any help so i can increase my download speed is accepted, i've tried disabling firewell, putting an upload speed rate and some other things.

If it helps:



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Guys im having the same problem. Ive updated from .64 to .68 version and my download speed is sooo much slower now im only gettin a max of 13kbpsas opposed to the 100+Kbps i was gettin with .64 whats going on. Imm still downloading the the stuff i was before on .64. Ive looked at bit dave's section but no help. Ive checked my download speed and its 988.70Kbps. Somebody please help

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that torrent your downloading is gonna be slow no matter what you do.

Look at the number of seeders and peers.

You need to find torrents with more seeds and peers if you want the torrent to be fast.


Check in the Peers tab and see if you are still getting remote connections after updating.

also check the other peers and see if they are stuck around the same percentage as you are.

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