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Help with dl speed and progress


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I am having a problem with both my dl speed and the progress of my dl.

File Progress: I tried using 0.68 and 0.70 stable version but both have the same problem. I always have this problem but since yesterday, this problem became more serious. I downloaded a file of about 400mb and after downloading 200mb, the finished dl data is only about 22mb with 0b rubbish. In the end I had to dl more than 10 hours for this file which I could have finished in about 4 hours or so. Now I am downloading other files and all have this problem as well. Is there anything I could stop it?

DL Speed: I only dl one file at a time to make sure that the speed will be higher. About one mth ago, I am still having high dl speeds of about 50-100+Kb/s for some months but out of a sudden, there's a rapid drop in the speed to less than 10Kb/s. There are plenty of seeds and peers connected. This is not the first time I'm encounting such probs. Its like I can get gd speeds for a few months then the speed will suddenly decrease for a few months then out of a sudden I will get high speeds for a few months again. I did not change any of the settings at all and is not using any router. I have tried downloading http files and I get good speeds as well. So its not my internet prob. I have also tried calling my ISP and they have verified that its not a prob with my internet but with the program itself. So is there anything to help too?

Thanks a lot!

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