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bug with finding seeders in 0.7x


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in 0.70 this bug is rather small yet is still there where as in later version it has gotten worse.... no i do not know if it is in earlier versions then 0.70.

the bug - you download something you know will have around 50 or so seeders... as seeders leave i lose connection to them... however the client does not re-detect seeders when they re-appear.... thus eventually after an hour it drops to about 4 or 5 seeders from 40/50... if i stop the task then resume it it finds the right amount of seeders again but the same bug will occur. (they will slowly but surely dwindle in number and my d/l speed is greatly affected) [this bug occurs with any initial number of seeders]

i assume this is a bug in how it interrupts the queue for asking the tracker to report the number of seeders.

this could be related to bitcomet reporting my wan IP as (this other prob has its own thread in the general bitcomet area on these forums)


edit: forgot to say that telling it to manual connect also refreshes the number of seeders correctly.

edit2: may be related to http://forums.bitcomet.com/index.php?showtopic=2295

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