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how to add own trakers ??


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I went a torrent site to download something . Then in a section it had this list of something that looks like web addreses but i think it is called trakers!! is it stated there that the addresses can be added to any torrent client to gain more speed !! i am not sure how to add those addreses to any torrent client espeacialy bitcomet!! any one got any idea about this !!

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You have 2 options:

1. In Bitcomet's Preferences under Advanced there is something called "Backup Trackers:". You can copy and paste the tracker addresses into here, then change the option right above backup trackers to something like 5 minutes. This way if the original tracker doesn't respond within 5 minutes Bitcomet will automatically try your backup trackers. This is a global option and works for all your torrents only if the original trackers arent working.

2. Right-click on the individual torrent task and goto properties. Somewhere in here, i think in the second tab, you can add those tracker addresses into the original listing of trackers. Unlike option 1 after you add in the new trackers and hit OK Bitcomet will immediately try to contact them and add there peers even if the original tracker is already working. I think this is the option you want to use since usually the original tracker is working.

I hope those options made sense to you, please ask if you need clarification. :)

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