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Bug report 0.71 and 0.73


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I have been using BitComet now for about 2 years and its definitely the best torrent client around. However, the last few versions have in my opinion been getting worse and worse!

It started with 0.71 when I bumped into quite a few bugs which I knew were not present in earlier versions. I then upgraded to 0.73 and that didn't solve the problem. I've now reverted to 0.67, which I remember to be stable and I have a copy of lying around.

  • Tray menu items 'Pause all' and 'Resume all' have dissapeared - I used these a lot
  • Torrent-wide priority settings have now also gone - again, these were useful
  • The info pane contains no 'info' only some chinese characters and (what I think is) a search box with a button that does nothing
  • The 'Preview' button ALWAYS says buffering until the file is complete.
  • The 'Play'/'Preview' button crashes the client when the file is complete
  • Links launch IE, my default browser is Firefox
  • The client crashed when the program was minimized
  • When the client crashes the bug report form did not work, it said 'Connect failed'

and the worst one...

  • When the client crashes it loses all progress since the stop button was pressed or the client was closed. (Even though I have it allocate the disk space in advance, and also that it has finished some files in a torrent)

This has happened 3 times to me now, and I often have the client open for days at a time.

After downgrading to 0.67 and restarting the torrents it managed to continue with where the files were when 0.73 crashed. 0.73 itseld would not have done this.

0.67 was great, I have no idea how so many bugs managed to get in to 0.7X. I appreciate these versions are not 'Stable', but even still... You haven't been taken over by Microsoft have you? (joke)

So.. ignoring the fact the 0.7X series existed, its a fantastic client, keep up the good work.


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Ok, 0.67 has just started crashing as well. Repeatedly...

I'm assuming that BC is taking offense to one of the torrents I'm downloading, or maybe its taken offense to having to continue from the crashed mess 0.73 left it with.

When I work out which I'll report back.

At least the UI is fixed in 0.67 and it doesn't lose progress when it does crash!


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