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Decreased Download speed, please read!


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Hey, ok well on my old computer which i used up until 3 days ago, i had bitcomet 0.70 installed and most of my download speeds varied from 15kbps to 100kbps. My average download speed was about 30kbps, something like that. However, now i have a brand new computer (a better one in almost every way) and i have installed the latest version of bitcomet (0.73) on.

My problem is that now my download speed rarely goes faster than 10kbps. I dont understand why...is it the computer? is it the fact that i use bitcomet 0.73 instead of 0.70 now? its not that im downloading a file with a lot less seeders or whatever, i usually only download torrents with green bars, not orange or red.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Oh and my upload speed has not been affected, i still upload at about 20-30kbps.

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i answered one like this before, but i'll say it again. this is just an advice. i'm using bitcomet .73 and at 512kbps broadband cable too, and i'm getting more than 10 kbps. if u really want to make ur download higher. u limit ur upload rate, but it won't be nice since u're not really sharing that much. wat i'm doing now is i limit my upload rate to 10kbps till my download is finish, then i'll just put it back to no limit when i'm just uploading. hope it helps!

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