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Telnet like interface


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First of all, thank you for making this great Bitcomet client. It is ALMOST perfect.

The only thing it needs now is a port that it listens on where another app can connect and issue it commands.

I recently developed a system for someone which streamed video over the internet. It allowed the client to select what bitrate etc and whatnot and start and stopped streams. I used VideoLAN. VideoLAN will listen on a specified TCP port if you start it up with the relevant switch.

The only reason I'm requesting this feature is I like to run my transfers at the full speed of the line, but when other family members want to use the internet, its painfully slow for them, and I have to limit it.

So if bitcomet had a port where you could control it remotely, I'd write a little app that sits in the taskbar which my other family members could run, and they could just click "Throttle downloads for 5 mins, 30 mins, 2 hours etc". And my prog would give Bitcomet the commands accordingly.

Obviously you guys at Bitcomet could make a util like this, but all I'm asking for is a port to be able to set the upload and download limits.

Please please please do it :)

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I've just found a way I can write the app without needing a port to connect to. Basically one just needs to hide bitcomet with the boss key.

Then my program would press the boss key if it needs to change the max down/up rates, press control P, tab, enter download rate, tab, enter upload rate, enter, boss key.

(Obviously giving a command via a socket connection would be a lot better.)

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I wrote that Prog i mentioned in my last post.

It works really nicely.

I haven't gotten feedback from my family members yet, hehe.

anyway, if anyone wants it I'd be happy to share it.

it starts up with the IPs and ports for my network, (instead of reading them from a file) I'd change that if anyone wants it.

I cant give the source because it uses some winsock API stuff which i'm unable to release the source for. (VB6)


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Yeah, i know its getting kind of old that i'm replying to my own thread hahaha. but i thought i would just say what has happened and maybe someone has some more knowledge on it.

I've changed so much, its hard to know what has made the difference

1. I installed the XP SP2 limited half open connections patch

2. My router complained a lot about UDP flooding out of my Bitcomet port, so i firewalled it on my PC. (NAT traversal was already off)

3. I limited max peers per task to 40 and only ran 4 downloads.

4. I set max upload slots to 3

5. I installed QoS packet scheduler

6. I installed Peer guardian

7. I limited max peers per task to 100, running 5 downloads.

Before, neither I nor anyone else could browse on the network. IRC lost connection every 3 mins.

Now I can browse even when maxing out my line speed on Bitcomet.

I'll prob still use my prog though.

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