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Hello everybody!!!

I want to suggest a new Key/Button Next to “Transfer” and “Web” that would be called “Downloaded”, it is not new, but defiantly simple option! It would be a window to carry all downloaded files. Every Finished file would automatically be moved in that window. But……..

Here the fun part starts; User, would be able to stop/pause/start any file in that window, means for Sharing/Uploads. (it gets bulky in the “Transfer” window when you have more then 25 files) I usually keep my files, after they were competed, online for people long enough so everybody gets a copy. In a new “Downloaded” window it would be easier to manage. I hope you agree!

Finally, pushing the limits!!! The “PAUSE” key would allow to be configured so that if at any moment "one" file we have 200% of Health or more, the downloads would Remain on “Pause”, as soon as the Health goes below the given point it would automatically Start/Allow the file to start. This option would allow keeping good files online longer!

I have couple of more good ideas, will see who this this one go

Have a good day, and thanks for reading.


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