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Where is the PROXY?


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Where is the PROXY? Why in heavens (or h***) did you remove where we enter the Proxy? Kindly add it back.

Secondly, 0.70 was getting stuck when I opened it, it happened after a long long time, but it did, so I installed 0.73 (where is the PROXY??), that opened fine. Had new features, cool, but whats up with "Auto Re-sizing of windows"? I adjusted it to display all the torrents in queue, then I minimized it to the tray and then back up, and it went to default? Whats up with that?

And did I ask about where the "Proxy" went? A lot of us are behind firewalls and thus need proxy entries to survive. Please add it back.

Oh the chinese thingy is also a bug, it asks for it after install.

In my opinion Bitcomet is a brilliant easy-to-use software. But fix these errors please, and others which others have faced.

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