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Well I don't get it, I have tried everything i can. I've had professionals try to help but I can't seem to find where my problem lies. No matter what I try to download or from where I am downloading it from I can't get past like 15kbps. I have tried SERVERAL other torrents/torrent sites but nothing I download gets past it. Usually everything will start out at like 10 or 15kbps but after a couple minutes it drops to 1 or 0. I just don't understand I have messed with my configuration, checked my connection, tried different P2P clients/programs but nothing works. I'm not using a router and I'm pretty sure my settings are right. Ihave a cable modem that tested at 5.5Mbps and when I download directly from a website like download.com or something it reaches like 200+Kbps but none of my P2P programs come anywhere close. Can somebody Experienced PLEASE help me fix this or at least figure out what is wrong?

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