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upload rate limited....

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Oh the reason I wanted a higher infinite, because at night when I sleep I'm not using the computer so I might as well leave the upload rate high.

The reason to set a hard limit is that if you leave in at infinite, it may climb so high that it can't reliably keep its existing connections flowing and then they drop and you find yourself at maybe 1/2 or worse the bandwidth you were at, and then you climb slowly back up only to crash again. This will just keep happening and is not very optimal.

Far better is to experiment and see how high you can go and still be stable and then lock it there or a tad lower. Some suggest that 80% of max is a good setting, or at least a good starting point.

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Like i said earlier its not good to leave you upload cap at No Limit.

By setting the correct upload cap you will help both your uploads and your downloads.

Also make sure your not confusing Kbits/s and KBytes/s

(8 Kb/s = 1 KB/s)

Read the settings help in my sig to figure out what your upload cap should be.

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