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Torrent Monitoring Program


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I don't know how many times this has happened to me. I finish downloading a program from a seeder and have an absolutely dismal ratio for that download as I was the only one downloading or was the last to finish and alas no one else is downloading the file and thus I am not Uploading ANYTHING. It seems a waste of time to me to keep it open in the hopes that someone will start Downloading but if I close it I will never remember to try again later and see if anyone wants it.

So I was thinking why not make a program where you can register the torrent file. It keeps an automated watch on the seeds and peers, updating every so often. When a condition is met it reopent the torrent automatically. When another condition is met it automatically closes it


Dead Torrent:

You have the file completed at 10% When the program sees the % available is greater than 10% (Some onr new opened the program that has more of the file. the program reopens the torrent. When your percentage is again equal to what is available and you are neither uploading or downloading it closes the torrent.

Completed Torrent:

It watches the peers and seeds. If peers is greater than 0 and seeds is less than 5 then the torrent is reolpened to seed. (Paramaters adjustable). if seeds is grater than 25 or peers equals 0 then the torrent closes automatically. When the Upload/Download Ratio equals 1.00 the torrent is removed from the program automatically.

Your Created torrents

Same except it monitors for new requests and shuts down when not needed but does not shut down if seeds are greater than 25 Since you should be the only one in SuperSeed mode. This torrent would also not be removed when the ratio exceeds 1.00.

Would it be possible to create a program like this?

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There is no need for an extra program to do this.

You just need to scrape the tracker, to find out the status of a particular torrent.

uTorrent has this option for stopped tasks but unfortunately Bitcomet only does this for active torrents.

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