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Bitcomet 0.7x Hard drive erased & no access


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Hello all,

I've just had my first problem ever with Bitcomet and it's a big one. I am running BC version 0.73 (I think!) on a Windows XP PC running service pack 2.

I had Bitcomet running during the day but came home from work and it had stopped for some reason. All that was on the screen was an error message from BC and that would not transmit. Also I noticed that after I began downloading I could not access any web pages even though I was definitely connected as BC was pulling down files.

I checked Event Viewer and this gave error code 2668(again, I think) which had to do with TCPIP.sys file not allowing more than 10 machines to access my PC. I found a fix in BC help in which I could download to change the access from 10 to 50. This appeared to work but the worst was to happen.....

When I got home from work yesterday there were a ton of errors on my PC and now everything on my D: drive was gone, I could access it from My Computer but the drive is not recognised in Disk Administrator and is showing zero bytes in Properties. It looks like my brand new 300gb drive is FUBAR'd

Can anyone help with this problem or has anyone had a similar issue and found a fix? My biggest concern is getting the hard drive up and running again then I'll deal with the software issue by possible downgrading to BC 0.68. I was running 0.68 before and had no problems with it at all.

Any help greatly received, thanks


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