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Bugs i found on 0.74


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these are just some minor issues, i havent looked into depth for bugs these are just things iv noticed from simply using it.

ok so i always go for beta :lol: anyways. on .74 problems iv found are as follows:

the download rate on the main interface states the download rate in 'Kbs' (in the detailed section its 'KBs') but this should be changed to avoid confussion with kilobytes and kilobits.

second their is a problem with the files section of the detailed information section. most of what i download is media, (usually Naruto :D) so natuarly i want to watch or listen to particular files as they become available. this version is unable to launch the files directly form bitcomet to media players such as real player and WMP. not much i know, but its annoying having to open the directory up to play a file, and i would definetly like to see this fixed for the next beta relese. thanks.

*edit* one more i just rememberd. the 'time left' indacator is frightfully inaccurate now also. it says i had 2 hours left at one point when i still had bout 2 gigs to go on a 21KBs avarage speed

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