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bitcomet dl rate

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it seems like alot of people are having a bitcomet download rate problem, but i read in one of the threads(not sure if its old or new) but it says like everyone should post their own thread and not put different things into someone elses thread or something or maybe i`m just taking the wrong idea,

well this is my problem,

i have my download rate set to no limit

upload rate set to 3kbs because if i upload too much my internet gets reallyyy laggy and internet explorer wont work and whatnot.

well thats not the problem, i've always set my speed like that ever since i got bitcomet like around 1-2 years ago, and i NEVER had any download problems, my download speed was ALWAYS satisfying to me even if there was only a few seeders, and i've been download from the SAME torrents provider ALWAYS so its ALWAYS the same tracker and EVERY week i would download from the SAME place.

but for some reason, recently, i got my computer reformatted, for a few days, my download speed was satisfying, if it was a big bulk around 4-5 gigs it would be like 3kbs at most, satisfied cos its a bulk file and i've always had that download speed when its bulk files so i didnt complain

but now its like 0kbs FOR EVERYTHING, even a SMALL file about 200-300mb, the download rate is like 0kb-3kb, thats like the most my download rate will go, this is NOT NORMAL, because usually when i download it would go up to about more than 0-3kbs around 50-100 or sometimes even more, but lately ALL my files is like 0-3kbs, i`m 100% its not the seeders or peers, because its ALOT, and i've been downloading from that torrent site from the LONGEST time, like its a whole series released once a week, so i download once a week, the file would be done in about 5 hrs, but now when i download that file it`ll go at like 0-3kbs meaning i`ll have to download for at least 2-3 days(the LEAST) just for it to finish.

is there ANYWAY this can be solved?

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You need to tell us more about your setup

Who is your ISP, and what are your speeds(both up and down)?

What modem do you have?

Do you also use a router?

What antivirus / firewall software do you use?

Is it a private or a public tracker?

Answer these and add anything else you think might help, then we can help you :)

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my cable provider is optimum online,

i dont get what you mean by speeds, is ISP the internet service provider? sorry i`m really noob with these stuff,

the cable modem is motorala,

yes i have a router, a linkysis router

i use norton antivirus and the firewall is from the norton antivirus

what you mean by private or public tracker? ><

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Make sure that you're using Bitcomet v0.70

Have you gone through the Settings Guide?

If you havent please go through it and follow the directions

Can you please copy and paste Bitcomet's Log into your reply

yes i`m using bitcomet v0.70

whats a bitcomet log?

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okay my download rate is good now because i followed the port fowarding thing, but i have one question, since for port fowarding i unchecked the box "Block Anonymous Internet Requests" in my router settings for security, what does that really do? does that mean if people have a wireless internet thingy connection they can like rob my internet connection? or it has nothing to do with that? what does it really mean then? sorry i hope someone can help me with that :)

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Glad to hear your rates have increased. :)

No, that option has nothing to do with people being able to use your wireless network.

That option is to allow unsolicited(meaning you didnt ask for it) incoming traffic from the internet(WAN). Don't worry about it though your router will still block malicious connections.

It has nothing to do with connections within your local network(LAN). To secure your local network from your neighbors you should have set up a wireless encryption key (either WEP or preferably some form of WPA).

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