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Problem with all the avatar seasson 1torrents


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Hi, been downloading a lot of stuff latelly, and happens that the files that i want the most, are the ones that give me trouble (go figure murphy's laws)

anyway i have found around 4 to 5 full avatar seasson 1 torrents (around 3.5 to 3.8 GB of a tv anime) the first time i downloaded 1, some of the files stoped at 99.3%, and it keeps downloading rubish data after that (am gessing couse am not sure rubish means broken data or corrupted data).

so i go on a search again and this time i downloaded the other 3 torrents... OMG what a surprice, again the same problem

i started to download now the individual files (1 chapter at a time, and its working so far) my only problem is that the individual files goes up till chapter 13, and they are 20, oh and the chapter 7 is missing too.

i would like to know if there is a way to fix the rubish data, or any suggestions on how to get the chapters that are not set as individuals (am sure someone have to have all the avatar chapters!!!)

if my post is not clear enought, feel free to make any questions :blink:

and thx if u can fix my problem :D

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