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Will 911 torrents be a major force in saving our country?


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Torrents may be viewed by some merely as a means to share software and music and videos, but an extremely important role is now being played by torrents distributing the vast amount of material related to 911 and most especially how the official versions conflict with each other and defy common sense and inconvenient things such as the laws of physics.

When the mainstream press is either clueless, or "owned", or threatened into silence, or outright suicided as Hunter Thompson was, you normally expect some websites or ftp sites or mailing lists or news groups to chatter about what they think they know, but this low level activity is easily poisoned by the spin doctors that don't want the truth out.

Torrents have now made it possible to have virtually unstoppabe distribution of any quantity of almost any size file. It is conceivable that those that orchestrated 911 and were frustrated in their hopes of taking us into marshal law when the National Guard general ordered his pilot to shoot down the plane in PA, might consider a 10 X 911 "terrorist" attack staged and timed so they could 1) declare marshall law, 2) declare they needed to indefinitely postpone elections "to provide continuity of command".

It is also conceivable that TORRENTS could be viewed as the one single major new ingredient whose effectiveness (totally unforseen by the 911 planners) at spreading enough compelling evidence and analysis to the denying masses that even the press has to acknowledge what is happening, saves our beloved Country from our less than loved government's "unusual" plans. Don't ever get snookered into equating love of country == love of government. You can LOVE your country and HATE and MISTRUST your corrupt or worse government and still be a very GOOD citizen.

Might Bram Cohen even deserve a Nobel Peace Prize?

Anyone wanting to see some of these torrents could Google for "911 lies" and follow links those sites will have to the many more out there. "Bali micro Nuke" will get interesting material. "Kay Griggs" will get you a 7.3 hours video of a pastor deposing the ex-wife of a black ops Marine Col and a LOT of dirt she knows about some very famous people and their unsavoury activities. If you put some of the pieces together yourself about what this 1998 video reveals, you may find good reason why someone also wanted WTC building #7 to get deatroyed.

So this topic is started with 911 as an obvious example, but torrents are an empowering new force that can change how educational material is distributed, can topple dictators, can expose "business as usual" corrupt politics, and can do what yesterday's whistle blowers could only dream of.

How can these activities be enhanced, and what other new world changing uses can people envision for torrents?

Would you participate in a torrent that promised a major expose, but that was considered so dangerous it had to be heavily encrypted and would remain so until some later date when, with hundreds of thousand copies scattered around the globe, the KEY would be finally released? Clearly ripe for abuse of many types, but might help the source stay alive until it was too late to stop distribution and by then counterproductive to kill the source other than in retaliation which would also create validation of what was being disclosed.

Dream on! What would you like to see torrents used for?

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