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My BitComet 0.70 Problems


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I'm a newbie here so I'm not very sure if it is alright to post it here:

1. 0.70 crashes everytime i try to close it

2. 0.70 crashes after about 3-4 hours use OR after about 500-600mb download, whichever comes first (This is getting to my nerve since I have to check it once in a while to see if it is still working or not)

Note: I do not know if it is a bug or what, so I want to apologize now if this post is incorrect.

Thank You!


So it happens again, 0.70 stops responding after hitting 600mb...

after 600.12mb stops

after 600.58mb it stops again

after 595.00mb again!

That's just from yesterday till today a.m.

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