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I installed Bitcomet months ago and have been enjoying downloading various things. Lately, I have been trying to find out and understand more about file sharing, as I feel I am not contributing enough and still feel a little in the dark!

So .....can anyone direct me to a `FAQ` section which basicly talks in `plain english`, as everywhere I go, I can't understand what's being said to me. (you have to start somewhere!)

Burning questions I have:

What's a port? I feel silly asking that as it seems a major thing, but I seem to have gotten by without knowing!

Why when I'm connected to several seeds, does my upload speed seem slow or non existent? Sometimes!

How long and why, should I leave downloaded files to re-seed? I have very limited space on my PC!

.... and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

I thought I would need to know the answer to these questions before I started downloading files, but to my amazement I have managed to DL quite a lot of things.

I hope someone can direct me or answer some of my questions.

Thanks and I hope all that came out right ......I mean well! :)

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The best place to start if you dont understand something is Google.

Just do a search for whatever your looking for and try to be specific

Also a lot of the terms used for computers and other electronics usually have similar meanings to the original meaning of the word.

For example ports, in sailor's terms this is a location where boats enter and exit a harbor

in simple computer terms it is a location where data enters and exits your computer

Seeds are people that already have the complete file so there is no need to upload to them.

The people that dont have the complete file sometimes called Peers or Leechers are who you need to upload to.

This is file sharing so you should give back at least as much as you receive, try to have an Upload/Download ratio of at least 1.0

If the file your downloading is already well seeded sometimes you cant really ever get to 1.0

But if the file isnt well seeded and tons of leechers want it, then try to seed past 1.0

Read some of the links in my sig for more info on Bitcomet. And dont forget about Google when you have other questions.

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