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kb/s DN sudenly become 0kb/s


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well its already few movies i wanna download also occur tis problem, when i start downloading the file the speed is like 40-60 kb/s then when it download till 70-99% then the kb/s DN suddenly turn to 0 the health also 0% only upload, then i try to pause it n shut down the pc n wait 4 tomorrow 2 continue but its still the same even i waited for few hr the kb/s DN still 0...but the torrent file tat i download there are 900+ seed n 4k+ peer.

its already lotz of movie i download till 70-99% n i stop + deleted it...and also my conection speed is 512kb but when i download files in bitcomet i only get 40-60kb/s, tis also a problem for me ti download file for a long time to complete downloading a single file. :angry:

kindly any1 plz help me out of tis...and im using version bitcomet 0.70

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