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Windows Media Player

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Hi,I'm new to Bitcomet and while I have had some success downloading video files in 90% of the cases Windows Media Player will not play them.Typically the error message is that it doesn't recognize the file extension.Can anybody offer any help of suggestions?Should I be looking for certain file extensions?Also pointing me in the direction rearding how to burn the videos to a DVD disc would nbe appreciated.Do I have to Shrink them via DVD Shrink etc?Thanks CB

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Download CCCP and you can play just about anything out there.

Another good media player to have is VLC player (its great for previewing videos while they download)

DVD shrink is only for copying things which are already in dvd format

The videos that you download cannot be put directly into your standard dvd format

they have to be converted using something like Nero VisionExpress or ConvertXtoDVD or many others

the process is very time consuming and the quality actually is degraded some when doing this

for help with doing this there are a bunch of guides Here

If you download a lot of divx or xvid movies then you might want to look into setting up a HTPC or getting a dvd player that plays divx & xvid.

Like the previous poster said use to google to find out about all these things I mentioned

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