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How to Add a Screenshot to your Post


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This guide will show you how to post a screen shot to this forum.

Im gonna assume you already know how to copy and paste

Step 1 - take the screenshot

First get everything arranged on your screen the way you want your image to look

now there are two different types of screenshots

-->to take a screenshot of everything being displayed on your monitor

-look around on your keyboard and push the Print Scrn button


-->to take a screenshot only of the current active window

-hold down the Alt button and push the Print Scrn button


when you hit the Print Scrn button the image will be stored to the clipboard

Step 2 - open up MS Paint (or your favorite image editor)

Here is where you can find Paint


Step 3 - paste the image into Paint (or your favorite image editor)

either hit Ctrl-V or go into the Edit menu and select Paste

Step 4 - crop/edit if necessary

try to avoid posting useless stuff, crop the image down so that only the information needed is displayed.

Also use the eraser to get rid of anything you dont want people seeing

Step 5 - Give the image a name and save it as a .JPG

you need to remember where you save the image

Step 6 - Browse to http://imageshack.us/

There are other image hosting sites(look on google), but I like imageshack because it's easy and no need to register

Step 7 - Upload to imageshack

1 - Hit the browse button then find where you stored your image, select it, then hit OK

2 & 3 - these steps are not really necessary but are useful sometimes

4 - finally hit "host it!" and your image will be uploaded to their server


Step 8 - copy the image link

once the image is uploaded it will take you to this next screenshot

this is where you will find links for posting your image into different types of forums or websites

scroll down to where I pointed, then highlight and copy the web address


Step 9 - insert image into post

to add an image into your post first move your cursor to where you want the image placed

then click on that little image icon I pointed to and a box will pop up asking for the location of the image.

Paste in the image location that you copied in the previous step and then hit OK


Congratulations! that's it, now you will see your image's location surrounded by the IMG tag

which means when you finish your post the image will be displayed there

PS: try not to post huge images, try to keep them under 100KB, some people are on dialup

and imageshack doesnt appreciate the unnecessary load on their servers.

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