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A few days ago I moved places, and in doing so, I updated the ADSL modem I get from my provider. Before the move, I could download anything just fine... I moved, changed nothing on my computer's settings, and now everything I try to download just sits on the ">> Connecting" status and never actually connects to anyone... the only differences are the modem I use, which is a Web Caster V110 and a different IP address... any ideas??

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That modem is apparently also a router, so you will need to portforward it to get Bitcomet working properly

There is a guide for doing this in the Guides and HOWTO section

Also you should consult the manual for that modem/router to find the username/password(if you have it)

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You're right about that, but the modem I have isn't on the list at portforward.com... so when I get to the "Next, Head to http://www.portforward.com/routers.htm and locate your Router model + brand. Then, locate BitComet, and follow the instructions onscreen." part of the guide, I don't know what instructions to follow...

I'm in Japan and therefore using a modem by a Japanese company... It's a Webcaster V110 made/distributed by NTT... I can't read enough Japanese to know what to look for, but my wife could probably help me if I need anything from the manual...

Do you know a similar modem model on that portforward.com list I could use or anything else I could do?

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