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What is the Optimizal value for disk cache

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I try to search the answer around but i still not come up with any conclusion...

i want to set the optimize disk cache amount for Bit comet...

I had 1G ram, with 320G Harddisk...

how do i determine the optimize value for min & Max disk cache???

often when i download a few large files (over 1G for each files) ... the Bit comet is running slow response.... (Bit comet no response for few mins... then back to normal.. then to no response and back to normal)

is this do with my disk cache setting???

i hv 100M min disk cache & 250M max disk cache setting at the moment....

can someone help me???

thx :lol:

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I also have a gig of ram. (I have min=6 and max=120 and auto-choose checked)

I think you should set the minimum cache size back to the default value.(6MB)

The max disc cache is fine where you have it (although have you ever seen it actually reach this)

Also make sure that auto-choose cache size is checked.

I think the freezing could be a symptom of another problem, but would need more info about the hardware and software(antivirus and/or firewall) you have on your PC

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