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Bitcomet download & connections problem

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Hi, :rolleyes:

I hope you can help me on this

System info

OS: Win ME

Ram: 192 MB

My max speed: about 40KB/s

I was downloading 2 torrents only

The overall average speed was 15KB/s

a few nights ago

I started Bitcomet before I sleep as I always do

I find an overall average speed of 38KB/s

I thought there wasn't enough seeders, or the torrent health got better this night

I woke up the morning to find this


I never had Download and Upload : 0KB/s, even if the torrents are not running, so bitcomet is running you must see xKB/s where x not equal to zero

and this


no connection at all, but still there are peers, but I am not connected to them

Internet Explorer was Still running

so, there IS internet connection

Lets take a close look at the file "the game"



Tracker Response: OK !! how come?



some are running, some aren't , used to have them all running



peers are there, just can't connect

and another look at bitcomet in general



just a reminder, I am WIN ME






So, a final look at my settings in Bitcomet

Note: these settings was working fine for me

Preferences / Connection


port 50009 used to get full speed for me, with out ports forwarded

Preferences / Advanced / Connection


I don't have ports forwarded

(I tried several times at www.portforward.com, but just can't, the guide's target is to XP users)

After a day (24 h.)

the connection is back with full speed !!

but for several hours only, then we are back to the same situation (no connection at all)

NOW, the connection is back but with a speed lower than the very first speed (less than 15KB/s): about 8KB/s !!


Help, please


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Ok you have many things that are bad.

First of all those torrents you posted have 0 seeds(peers with 100%) so dont even bother trying to download them.

Also your settings are too much for your connection.

Go through our Settings Guide(link in my sig) and follow it carefully

you probably should disable the DHT Network so you can get the most out of your connection

after disabling the DHT Network you have to restart bitcomet for it to take effect.

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