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vlc media player will play almost everything make shore to scan before opening yr dl lot of messers injoy.whats cccp (the soviert union) download winrar its free off the net it will open yr files that need opening to watch look like books on top of each other right click on download and ectract.sorry for spelling i hope this helps u

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VLC (free) is capable of playing more A/V file types out of the box than most.

WinRAR (shareware, but best) or 7Zip (free, but not always effective) are needed for a host of compressed formats.

MagicDisk (free) can mount and run many other formats such as .ISO and .BIN etc.

PowerISO (shareware) can unpack and run many formats which need extracting to run.

CCCP is popular but will NOT play everything (nothing will). If you need codecs K-Lite (free) has maybe the most complete packs.

What to download. What a list that would be.

  • .avi - usually video
    .mpg - usually audio
    .mpeg - audio or video
    ,bin - usually applications, sometimes video
    .iso - usually applications, sometimes video
    .exe - usually applications
    .wav - audio
    .wma - Windows media

And thats just a small beginning. Have fun bud.

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