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Download file sizes don't match up


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Hi guys i'm new to BitComet and am currently torrenting a movie file.

I've noticed that the file sizes aren't matching up at the moment. The torrent file says that the file is 739mbs and BitComet is reporting that I've downloaded 622mbs and still have 241mbs remaining. That's 124mbs extra! and me being on 56k (yes i'm crazy :P) 124mb is like another day of downloading lol so any help would be good... i've included a screenshot.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not... it might even be something that I did but i'm curious to know whether I'll need to download that extra 124mbs or whether it's just some display error within BitComet..

Thanks for you help guys! If you need any extra info please let me know.


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The [Total Downloaded:] display includes overhead not just the amount of the file thats been downloaded.

So, just making a connection to someone makes the total downloaded go up,

even if they dont send you any parts of the file.

ahhh.. i understand now... :rolleyes: lol thanks very much dave! now to keep waiting...

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